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Featured Sculptures by Johannes Vogl

Wolke (cloud) - Cable, steel, motors, nylon strings, bottles, electrical equipment - 220 x 320 x 500 cm

Wolke (cloud) - Cable, steel, motors, nylon strings, bottles, electrical equipment - 220 x 320 x 500 cm

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with art, technology and engineering. The creativity and critical thinking involved in each of these areas is gets me fired up and ready to build something – especially if it involves fire :-). With that in mind, you might understand why I chose to feature artist Johannes Vogl.  Vogl’s work is quirk, inventive and certainly worth taking a peek at.

Works by Kevin Van Aelst

The Heart, 2009, digital c-print, 40 x 30″

Kevin Van Aelst is a New England artist creating some extraordinary works from very ordinary objects.  I have included a few of his works here, but you should visit his website to see more of his work.

Death Before Disko – by Herwig Weiser

Besides being a crazy cool, sexy piece of hardware, this work incorporates some interesting sound technology as well.

Herwig Weiser built a machine which confronts us with its technical elements in a particularly clear and alienating way. ‘Death Before Disko’ uses an online data stream from space observation and translates it into simple yet spectacular sound and light events. With the proliferation of digital technologies, users have become more and more distant from the physical hardware of their laptop or hi-fi units. ‘Death Before Disko’ aims to return to the foundations of the hardware, and shows how our relationship towards technology is more often emotional than rational.

artist & website: Herwig Weiser – http://www.zgodlocator.org/

Projections – by Kelly Mark

Multi-channel DVD video installation. 30 minutes looped, silent CRT televisions, dvd player, signal booster RF modulator, RCA cable, coaxial cables & splitter.

Kelly Mark has a variety of wonderful work and choosing which one to publish was truly a challenge.  I suggest going to the site to see more works.

artist & website: Kelly Mark – http://www.ireallyshould.com