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ETSY, a place to sell your work

Now every artist loves to create and in doing so can accumulate a collection of pieces that he or she may want to unload. Now, I do not want get into the whole “art for art sake” vs “marketing your work to make a living” argument. This bit of advice is for those interested in selling their work, prints, etc. The rest of you please feel free to roll your eyes at me and scroll to the next post.

ETSY is an online store for artists and crafts people and features some really nice tools that allow sellers to create and manage a marketplace online. They do take a cut of the seller’s listings and sales, but the features that ETSY offers are well worth it, unless you are a high end or high volume seller.

One of the features that I enjoy is the geolocator. This tool allows buyers to search for products by location, allowing them to support their local art community online. ETSY has its fair share of junk, but it does feature some really nice work. So, if you are looking for a nice tool to sell your work online with, this may be your answer.