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SketchBook Mobile Put Your Sketchbook in Your Pocket

autodesk's sketchbook mobile for ipod and iphone

This little iPhone/iPod app is a must have for every artist.  SketchBook Mobile, by Autodesk, is a drawing application that allows you to draw with your fingers on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  The app is full of features and will not disappoint you.  The best part is Autodesk has a lite version, SketchBook MobileX, that will let you explore before purchasing the full version.

10 Grungy Social Media Icons


So, after I finished yesterdays post I started adding the new icons to my design and found the were too clean for my look.  Here are the dirtier, grungy social media icons.  This is basically the same file as the previous with a grungy set of layers applied. Oh, and FYI there are 10 in the PSD, (Google). Enjoy 🙂

icons02.psd.zip (5.8 mb)

10 Clean Social Media Icons


I know that I have some web designers that read the site, so this post is targeted toward them.  I needed some social media icons for a site that I am working on.  Everywhere I looked all I saw were glass icons. Yes I realize I have a glassy icon in the top right corner of this site, but there will be no glass on the new site (coming soon).  Needing a clean set of social media icons that were not glassy, I created these.  The link includes a .PSD download and sorry they are not all in vector.  I hope these are useful to someone. 🙂

UPDATED: New download

What is in Your Toolbox?

Every artist has a “tool chest” they rely on in creating and showing their work.  So, I am working to create a list of resources and tools that people find useful in creating their art.

What I need: I need you to send me a list of items that you find useful in creating and showing your work.  What are your favorite tools?  Do you have any resources that you rely on to get your work seen?  etc.

How you can get it to me:

twitter: @todayinart

email: showus@todayinart.com

or comment on this post

Thanks for your help and I will post the info soon!  Oh, thanks to furryscaly for the awesome toolbox photo.

Phun drawing programs

phun 2d drawing animation physics
Allow me to geek out for a moment as I highlight some cool drawing/animation tool concepts.  The video below demonstrates some possibilities on a smart board.   While the example itself is no artistic wonder, it does exhibit ways we may be able to interact with digital tools in the near future.

An open source desktop version of this, Phun, is available free to download.  Fair warning, this is an addictive little toy.