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SketchBook Mobile Put Your Sketchbook in Your Pocket

autodesk's sketchbook mobile for ipod and iphone

This little iPhone/iPod app is a must have for every artist.  SketchBook Mobile, by Autodesk, is a drawing application that allows you to draw with your fingers on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  The app is full of features and will not disappoint you.  The best part is Autodesk has a lite version, SketchBook MobileX, that will let you explore before purchasing the full version.

Another round of upgrades and ehancements complete

Whew! I hate upgrades but this one went about as smooth as I could ask for.  I really wanted to get on the latest system so that I could begin a new design.  This one has been up for almost a year now and it is time to freshen it up a bit.  The upgrade included a new backend for folks that have blogs here, a related posts feature to make it easier to browse through the work and a Community News section in the sidebar.

Please let me know if anything is wonky or if you just have a suggestion.  Thanks!

Phun drawing programs

phun 2d drawing animation physics
Allow me to geek out for a moment as I highlight some cool drawing/animation tool concepts.  The video below demonstrates some possibilities on a smart board.   While the example itself is no artistic wonder, it does exhibit ways we may be able to interact with digital tools in the near future.

An open source desktop version of this, Phun, is available free to download.  Fair warning, this is an addictive little toy.

Inspiring desktop backgrounds


This isn’t exactly a resource, but I think it is important to keep your work environment inspiring. Smashing Magazine has a great collection of inspiring desktop backgrounds for your mac (or pc, if you haven’t seen the light yet.) Hopefully you’ll find one you like, or get inspiration to create a new one yourself.

Photojojo has your back

Looking for great photo tips?  If not, sorry today’s post won’t mean much to you.  But, if you are, you need to check out Photojojo.com.  There you can signup for a newsletter of great tips and tricks to make your life as a photographer easier.  The great thing about the tips is they are usually concise and to the point and ever so often they point to a great tutorial.  Oh and the really cool thing, you don’t have to signup to see the old newsletters.

New Today in Art Widget is Available

Now you can have art on your website everyday. Simply click the “Get Widget” button to get started.

Note: Some websites will require you to scroll down in the widget to complete. Basically lookout for a small scroll bar on the right of the widgetbox add tool.

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