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James Barnett Paintings of Video Game ‘Scapes

Michelle's Place

Michelle's Place - from Grand Theft Auto IV - Oil on cradled wood panel 30" x 30"

There is nothing new about artists taking inspiration from other created works, but there is something here worth discussing.  People tend to connect with landscape or cityscape paintings of places they have seen before and that is part of the beauty in them.  A painting of the Streets of Charleston is going to connect with me in a way that it cannot connect with someone who has never been there.

Street Art by Damon Ginandes

Degraw Street Mural, Brooklyn, NY :: Spray Paint & Latex Acrylic 60′ x12′

Damon Ginandes, a Brooklyn based mixed media artist, paints elaborate compositions of portraits intermingling with one another.

Devoid of context and stripped of external identity, they are portraits of souls – ageless, anonymous, and solitary. Their longing stares serve as a mute communication from which a distinct visual and psychological intimacy emerges.