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Spam woes

Some folks have noticed that this little site has gained the attention of spammers, sweet!  Anyway, I have been looking into options for fighting this and will be implementing new security measures.  Please bare with me as I work to complete this and sorry for some random and irrelevant blogs that slip through.

Subscribe Via Email

So your not down with RSS or maybe you don’t know what that is. No worries, you can now subscribe to with your email account. If you sign up for the service you will receive an email on any day we update, which should be everyday. The new email subscription is in the sidebar under resources, or resource as it stands now.

Interstitial Fragment Processor by Golan Levin

This piece blurs the line between technology and art and allows the viewer to be part of the art work.  The viewer can use various gestures to create negative space which the processor then converts to a form that drops onto the canvas or stage.  The video above shows people interacting with the piece at the bitforms gallery in New York.  Here is another video of Golan Levin’s Interstitial Fragment Processor.

artist & website:  Golan Levin –