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Another round of upgrades and ehancements complete

Whew! I hate upgrades but this one went about as smooth as I could ask for.  I really wanted to get on the latest system so that I could begin a new design.  This one has been up for almost a year now and it is time to freshen it up a bit.  The upgrade included a new backend for folks that have blogs here, a related posts feature to make it easier to browse through the work and a Community News section in the sidebar.

Please let me know if anything is wonky or if you just have a suggestion.  Thanks!

The ability to create new blogs has been disabled

Due to the massive amounts of spam blogs (splogs) that have been registered lately, I have disabled the sign up feature.  I was spending much of my time fighting these things and after having to delete almost 700 of them, I have killed this feature.  The focus of this site isn’t to fight freakin’ spam!  I want to spend my time improving things here for current and future users. For those interested, I will still create a blog for you manually.  Just send me an email ( and I will get you setup.   Sorry for the inconvience and it is a shame that the efforts of a few have caused this problem.

The Invaders! – by Douglas Edric Stanely

The Invaders! - by Douglas Edric Stanely

Installation for the 30 year celebration of Space Invaders.  From what I understand, this was built on technology that Stanley had previous made.  The video also looks to be over a year old.  The installation features Space Invaders attacking the Twin Towers in New York.  I don’t have to tell you that this guy is getting a lot of attention, but I felt I needed to post it to our audience.

artist & website: Douglas Edric Stanely –

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