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25 Incredible Negative Photos

In photography, a negative image is a total inversion of an ordinary, positive one. What was once dark becomes light and vice versa. Colours are flipped completely, with reds turning to blue and blues to yellow. The results are often diverse, with many negative photos, particularly those of people, plants and animals, taking on a ghostly or unearthly quality.

Art Crime Waiting to Happen?

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago 5 paintings with a market value of more than $100 million were stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art.

The paintings include:

  • Pablo Picasso’s “Le pigeon aux petits-pois” (The Pigeon with the Peas)
  • Henri Matisse’s “La Pastorale” (Pastoral)
  • Amadeo Modigliani’s “La femme a l’eventail” (Woman with a Fan)
  • Georges Braque’s “L’olivier pres de l’Estaque” (Olive Tree near Estaque)
  • Fernand Leger’s “Nature morte aux chandeliers” (Still Life with Chandeliers)