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James Barnett Paintings of Video Game ‘Scapes

Michelle's Place

Michelle's Place - from Grand Theft Auto IV - Oil on cradled wood panel 30" x 30"

There is nothing new about artists taking inspiration from other created works, but there is something here worth discussing.  People tend to connect with landscape or cityscape paintings of places they have seen before and that is part of the beauty in them.  A painting of the Streets of Charleston is going to connect with me in a way that it cannot connect with someone who has never been there.

20 Most Popular Posts on Today in Art in 2009

With the year drawing to a close we naturally reflect on the past year. 2009 has been kind to this little blog and I look forward to what 2010 may bring. I aggregated a list of the 20 most visited posts from 2009 from the stats and this is what I found. Oddly enough, some were pretty recent, and some were from last year. I decided to include the ones from last year as well since I have many new readers.